Ideas for a fundraiser

Organizing a fundraiser and donating the profit to Cunina will immediately give your event a high feel-good factor. You can be 100% sure that the money is directly used to fund the projects in our partner countries.

In order to make your fundraising event a success, we would like to give you a few ideas.

Sponsor activities

You can find a sponsor for your fundraiser and raise money by doing a certain activity. For example, you can do a charity run or a skeeler, skating or bike tour. You can look for sponsors that give you money for each kilometer or each tour. 

Selling sweets

You can sell homemade chocolate spread, candy or fruit skewers, popcorn, soup and so on. Not only will you have fun preparing it, you will also raise a nice amount of money for Cunina.

Washing cars

You will need a parking space, water, soap, sponges, chamois leather and an enthusiastic team of car washers… Then it is just a matter of waiting for cars that need cleaning.

If the weather is nice, you could create a small outdoor cafe so people can have a drink while their car is being washed. Happy customers will definitely return!

Selling flower bulbs

The best period to sell flower bulbs is from August until November and from February until May. This way, they can be immediately planted. Besides, who does not like flowers?


Do you like a quiz? You can do a quiz during many activities. You can create the questions yourself by looking up information on the internet or looking at questions from Trivial Pursuit. Try and find a free venue, a good quizmaster and make sure that the participating teams sign up in advance. If you want to make some extra profit, you can offer the participants drinks and snacks.

Christmas market

You can organize a Christmas market with your school or association. The children can craft Christmas paraphernalia and you can sell it together with some refreshments to the parents or other sympathizers.

Calendar of fundraisers

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