Supporting charity when you are no longer around? You can by including Cunina in your will, if you have children, or through a dual legacy, if you have no children.

We advise you to directly consult a notary if you want to include Cunina in your will, given that every situation is unique.

A dual legacy is a legal way to benefit your heirs, if you have no children, by leaving a part of your legacy to Cunina. Cunina pays a part of the inheritance taxes, which means that your heirs will be left with a higher net amount.

Remember, this is only possible if you live in Belgium.

The benefit of a dual legacy

We explain the benefit of a dual legacy with a fictitious example. Please remember that a dual legacy is only possible if you have no children as your heir. However, having a cousin as your heir is possible.

For example: You have no children and you want to leave € 100,000 to a cousin. According to the rates in Flanders, the legacy will be divided as follows: 

Without a dual legacy

Cousin Cunina Taxes
Bequest before taxes € 100.000 0
45% first part € 75,000 - € 33.750 + € 33.750
55% second part € 25,000 - € 13.750 + € 13.750
Result € 52.500 € 47.500

With a dual legacy

Cunina becomes the general legatee. As a non-profit organization, Cunina will have to pay all the inheritance taxes including the part of your cousin.

This way, your cousin does not have to pay 55% extra taxes on the second part and he will have a higher net amount. As a non-profit organization Cunina only has to pay 8.8% taxes on their own part. The remaining money will be enough to make a difference for underprivileged children.

Cousin Cunina Taxes
Bequest before taxes € 100.000
Cunina pays € 60,000 to the Cousin € 60.000 € 40.000
Cunina pays 45% on the part of the cousin - € 27.000 + € 27.000
Cunina pays 8.8% on their own part - € 3.520 + € 3.520
Result € 60.000 € 9.480 € 30.520
Difference + € 7.500 + € 9.480 - € 16.980

Consult your notary

Do not forget to consult your notary or your contact person at your bank for a will or a dual legacy. They will be able to help you compose a will or a dual legacy.

Every situation is unique, so you need someone with expertise who can help you with the right division of the legacy.

Your support counts

By including Cunina in your will, you can give a better future to children by providing them with education. We can guarantee you that your money will be well spent. Even if you are no longer around, you can still make a huge difference.

Your notary or contact person at your bank will happily assist you if you have any further questions. You can also contact us if you want more information. Call 014 58 01 01 or click the button below to send an email to Sophie Vangheel.

Include Cunina in your will