Cunina is a close-knit family. Every person that helps the good cause is a part of it. From the godchildren (and their parents) to the volunteers in Belgium and in the partner countries. We share our joys and sorrows and we always support each other when we are faced with a challenge.

The same goes for our partners. Corporate Social Responsibility with Cunina is not just thinking about environmental and social wellbeing, it is also a way for us to make the relationship with our partners stronger. We can complement each other and both parties will benefit. A great way to do this, is by starting a collective project together.

A win-win situation

We know from experience that a cooperation with Cunina can give the following:

  • a positive effect on your co-workers
  • support from Cunina in telling your CSR-story
  • extra confidence from your customers, suppliers and business relations


Corporate social responsibility is a way of life and according to Cunina, it is the only way to set up a sustainable business. With every cooperation we start, we see the positive effect that charity has on the co-workers of the company or the organization.

But it does not stop there, people outside of your company or organization will notice your good deeds. Cunina worked hard for the impeccable image that they have today and it will give extra confidence in the story that you can tell.

Cunina properly supports you in telling this story. We show you our way of communicating and help you tell your story both internally and externally.

A cooperation with Cunina

What does a cooperation mean to Cunina? Very simple, a new classroom for underprivileged children, a skill center to practice skills or modern teaching materials. Our only goal is to provide quality education in our partner countries.

Transparency from start to finish

Thanks to our accounting transparency we can guarantee that every euro cent is used to fund the project. 92% goes to the development of the project and 8% to the management of the project file by our co-workers. We love to keep it simple.

You can cooperate with Cunina in different ways. From large projects to smaller child sponsorships, we always aim to help people in need.

You can contact Sophie Vangheel, the founder of Cunina, to personally discuss a cooperation with Cunina.