The education challenge in Haiti

Most Haitian schools are in bad condition. Classrooms, which are too small, are stacked with students. Different age groups have to share the same classroom and this causes noise pollution and inappropriate behavior. Most of the children do not have books, writing materials or a school bag. The only thing they have is a school uniform, which they often get from their brother(s) or sister(s).

Cunina operates in Port-au-Prince, Mombin Crochu and La Victoire. 

Fact sheet of Haiti

  • Active since 1990
  • Active in 3 locations
  • 491 active child sponsorships
  • 790 individual godchildren in total
  • 21 completed projects
  • 5 ongoing projects
  • €396,388 already spent

Cunina in Haiti

In 1998, Sophie, the founder of Cunina, travelled to Haiti for the first time in her life. It became a turning point in her life. “I realized that I was able to and wanted to do more for underprivileged children and that education is the key to a better future. Nine months later, Cunina was born.”

Haiti is the birthplace of Cunina. In the last 25 years, we have realized numerous amazing projects in this country. We bought a new student house in Port-au-Prince, because the earthquake in 2010 destroyed the previous one.

In the inland, we have built four new schools each consisting of eight classrooms. We also provided them with decent school furniture. A couple of years ago, the children had to sit on the ground and the few materials that they did have were mostly worn out.

Holes in the blackboard, a floor made out of dirt, mud walls that are falling apart…This will all be in the past soon. Thanks to the support of Cunina godparents and partners, the children will have new classrooms with quality desks and the schools will be provided with proper teaching materials.

Cunina projects in Haiti

Cunina operates in a lot of places in Haiti. After the earthquake in 2010, we started focusing more on projects in the inland. Here you can read more about the other projects that we have realized in Haiti.

Corporate Social Responsibility with Cunina

Cooperating with Cunina as a company or an organization has to be something enjoyable. We will do whatever we can to help you figure out how Cunina fits your organization. Show us that you are interested in helping to make the world a better place together with Cunina and we can sit down at the table for an informal talk.