The education challenge in South Africa

Access to quality education is not guaranteed for children in poor rural regions and the teachers are often low-skilled. Every year, thousands of people die from AIDS. More and more children lose their parents to AIDS and from then on they are on their own. Education is the last thing on their mind.

Cunina operates in Eshowe and Underberg.

Fact sheet of South Africa

  • Active since 2002
  • Active in 2 locations
  • 197 active child sponsorships
  • 731 individual godchildren in total
  • 12 completed projects
  • 3 ongoing projects
  • €602,835 already spent

Cunina in South Africa

In 2002, Cunina visited South Africa, KwaZulu Natal to be exact, after two world travelers contacted Cunina to tell the organization about the harrowing situation in this South African region. The travelers were already familiar with the work of Cunina in Brazil and they were firmly convinced that the organization could help the region of KwaZulu Natal.

A couple of months later, Cunina started their first child sponsorship list. The Cunina godchildren are mostly situated in the hills of Eshowe, a very poor town. Because of the high morbidity and high mortality rate caused by the AIDS epidemic, the high labor migration rate and high unemployment rate, a lot of children live in families with one or no income.

This income is barely enough to pay for the basic necessities of the family. Paying the school fee and all other costs involved puts a lot of pressure on these families with a small income.

Different child sponsorship lists and projects have been started in Eshowe, Margate and Underberg since the visit of Cunina in 2002. This includes the construction of family homes for orphans and the building of skill centers.

Cunina projects in South Africa

Cunina has been operating in South Africa since 2002 and started projects in two locations: Eshowe and Underberg. Next to continuing the development of education, Cunina has also built a skill center and family homes for orphans.

Corporate Social Responsibility with Cunina

Cooperating with Cunina as a company or an organization has to be something enjoyable. We will do whatever we can to help you figure out how Cunina fits your organization. Show us that you are interested in helping to make the world a better place together with Cunina and we can sit down at the table for an informal talk.