An important life event, like a birthday, the birth of a child, marriage or even decease usually goes hand in hand with giving a keepsake or a gift.

Would you like to convert this warmth into support for charity? Then ask your friends and family to not buy you a gift or a keepsake, but instead to donate to the account of Cunina. We will give you an overview of all the deposits afterwards.

You can choose the country that receives the contribution of your Cunina Gift. If you do not have a preference, the money will be used in places where help is needed most.

Tax certificates for donors

In Belgium, a donor that contributes €40 or more a year is entitled to a tax certificate.

Remember, the Cunina Gifts have to be paid directly into the account of Cunina by your friends or family. Only then they will qualify for tax certificate.

Do you prefer collecting the gifts first, so you can send them to Cunina yourself? Then please visit our page with information on donations.

Enter your event

Enter your event and Cunina will provide you with a notification and the account number of Cunina that you put on your invitation.


We will discuss the possibilities with you.

If you have no preference, Cunina will use the money in places where help is needed most.