Why does Cunina need volunteers?

Cunina has a small, but strong team in Belgium that makes sure that the organization is run properly. However, sometimes it is necessary to get more people in touch with Cunina by, for example, organizing an event.

We could also use some help with things like handling large quantities of post, printed matter or packages. These items are the backbone of the communication between godparents and their godchildren and between Cunina and their supporters. They are also very important if we want to promote our activities to the general public.

That is why we are looking for some extra helping hands. We are counting on a motivated group of volunteers that is willing to support our permanent co-workers at busy times.

Which jobs can be done?

The most common jobs for volunteers are handling post and printed matter, like letters from godparents for their godchildren or Courant, the two-yearly magazine for our supporters. This work is done in group and is mostly done while sitting. Cunina always makes sure that there is a pleasant work atmosphere.

In addition to this, we also organize several events, like the Walk 4 Charity that takes place around 1 May, on an annual basis. We count on a few tireless volunteers to help us out during these events. We have different jobs like serving drinks, managing the registrations, getting the event ready and cleaning up when it has finished. It usually is a day of hard work, but very satisfying in the end.

These are only two examples of jobs. Every person has their own special talents and we are eager to know how you could help Cunina. In the past, we have worked with translators, IT workers and creative minds in general. Even if you love doing manual work, you are able to help Cunina.

The legislation on volunteering

Cunina complies with the Belgian Law on Volunteering. Would you like to know the minimum age requirement for volunteering, how the expenses are paid and if there is an insurance? Please visit vlaanderenvrijwilligt.be, a very accessible website (in Dutch) about volunteering in Flanders. 

This way you will find the most up-to-date information.

Let us know if you want to become a Cunina volunteer

Do you like the idea of being a Cunina volunteer? Then do not forget to give us your personal details by filling in the form on this page. We will contact you as soon as possible!

Please do know that Cunina does not send volunteers to its partner countries. We only work with volunteers in Belgium. Thank you for your understanding.

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