The Cunina Scholarship

A lot of Cunina godchildren want to continue their education by going to college or university, but they do not always have godparents that keep supporting them. To be able to deal with this in a structured way, we started the Cunina Scholarship.

People that prefer to not have a personal child sponsorship with the exchange of letters and want a shorter commitment or a budget friendly monthly contribution, can now choose to contribute to the Cunina Scholarship.

A free monthly donation

You can freely choose your monthly contribution if you support a student of higher education. The Cunina Scholarship is one account and Cunina divides the contributions among the selected students. This also means that personal correspondence is not possible, given that there is no link between a godparent and a specific student.

As a godparent, you contribute monthly to the Cunina Scholarship for a duration of at least three years. This is the shortest study program of a student in our partner countries. However, most of them go to higher education for four or even five years.

The monthly contributions start at €10 a month. You can freely choose if you want to contribute more than €10 a month. Here are some examples of possible contributions to the Cunina Scholarship.

  • min. 3 years x €10 a month
  • min. 3 years x €20 a month
  • min. 3 years x €30 a month

Which students are qualified for the Cunina Scholarship?

A student that qualifies for the Cunina Scholarship meets three conditions:

  • He/she has been a Cunina godchild in the past
  • He/she can present good school results
  • He/she is highly motivated to study the chosen subject

Cunina then decides, together with the local co-workers, which students receive the Cunina Scholarship.

A Cunina Scholarship does not pay for all the school costs of one student. Each student has to pay a part of their school costs. The Cunina Scholarship completes the amount that the student has to pay. This way they will learn to be responsible for their own education. 

Support a student through the Cunina Scholarship

Fill in the following form and you will receive all the details to start the standing order. If you have any further questions, please contact our child sponsorship manager Kathleen at