What does it mean to become a godparent at Cunina?

A Cunina godparent helps an underprivileged child in one of our partner countries go to school for a period of twelve years. Therefore it is a long-term commitment to providing the child the best opportunities to escape the vicious circle of poverty.

As a godparent you primarily support your godchild financially, by contributing €35 on a monthly basis. This amount is enough to pay for the child’s education, school uniform, schoolbag and school supplies. More information on the exact use of your contribution can be found on this page.

Every year, Cunina provides Belgian godparents with a tax certificate, so they can get 45% of their annual contributions back through income tax. 

Building a personal connection with your godchild

As well as supporting your godchild financially, you build a personal connection with them. This is what makes the Cunina child sponsorships so unique. Your godchild gets to know you by exchanging letters with you and is genuinely thankful for your support. Your personal encouragement helps them through tough times.

Your godchild sends you their school results and tells you about their dreams. This way their world gets bigger and it proves to you, as a godparent, that your contribution is really making a difference.

You can find more information on the personal connection by clicking this link.

Participating in an immersion trip to meet your godchild

We completely understand that a personal connection can lead to you wanting to meet your godchild personally. However it is not possible to visit your godchild on your own. We frequently organize immersion trips for godparents who want to meet their godchildren. During these trips you can visit the school of your godchild with the support of Cunina.

An immersion trip always requires a group of several godparents and we start arranging one as soon as we know that enough people are willing to participate. The maximum number of participants is 15. We inform all godparents who have a godchild in a certain country as soon as we start organizing an immersion trip.

Are you interested in meeting your godchild, but no immersion trips are scheduled? You can contact us at any time to tell us that you are interested. We start planning an immersion trip as soon as several godparents are willing to participate.

Becoming a Cunina godparent is a long-term commitment. You play an important role in the life of your godchild and you see them become a young adult with opportunities.