The education challenge in Brazil

Brazil is the only partner country where Cunina does not start new child sponsorships. Street children that live in the favelas come and go. Most of the time, they stay away from school for a period of time and nobody knows where they are at. This makes it very hard for Cunina to support the children in a structural way through child sponsorships. Since a couple of years, we are highly focusing on educational centers, which circumvent this problem. This also gave us room for collective child sponsorships.

Cunina has been working together with educational center Casa Familia e Vida in Jandira, São Paulo, Brazil since 2001.

Fact sheet of Brazil

  • Active since 1994
  • Active in 2 locations
  • 8 active child sponsorships
  • 322 individual godchildren in total
  • 14 completed projects
  • 1 ongoing project
  • €5,000 already spent

Cunina in Brazil

After a working visit to Rio de Janeiro in 1994, Sophie, the founder of Cunina, decided that Brazil would become the third partner country of Cunina, mainly to make a difference for the street children. The organization started child sponsorships in this country and began operating in São Paulo, where Cunina also worked together with reception centers for street children.

Cunina supports projects in the inland of Brazil. These projects concern prostheses, neglected children, schools and football schools in the slums. In 1994, Cunina started child sponsorships in Brazil to offer street children better prospects for the future. Unfortunately, supporting these street children through child sponsorships does not work. They have their own view of life without responsibilities. Going to school every day, is not a part of that. Therefore, Cunina started focusing on educational projects. This way, Cunina can provide these street children with some sort of education.

Cunina projects in Brazil

The way we organize our projects in Brazil is different from the way we organize them in our other partner countries. This is because we are not starting any new child sponsorships in Brazil. Since 2001, we have developed a strong cooperation with the educational center in Jandira.

Corporate Social Responsibility with Cunina

Cooperating with Cunina as a company or an organization has to be something enjoyable. We will do whatever we can to help you figure out how Cunina fits your organization. Show us that you are interested in helping to make the world a better place together with Cunina and we can sit down at the table for an informal talk.