The education challenge in the Philippines

The quality of education in the Philippines is often very poor, because the government budget for education is very limited. The school buildings are either too small or in a bad condition. Some cities or towns in the Philippines do not even have a school. A blackboard and chalk are the most important teaching materials, because there are (almost) no books available.

Cunina operates in Manila, Cebu, Bayombong and Balamban.

Fact sheet of the Philippines

  • Active since 1992
  • Active in 6 locations
  • 789 active child sponsorships
  • 1,853 individual godchildren in total
  • 19 completed projects
  • no ongoing projects
  • €22,500 already spent

Cunina in the Philippines

In 1993, Cunina started their first child sponsorship list in the Philippines. Cunina goodwill ambassador Sabine De Vos became the godparent of Marlon, a Philippine boy. Marlon is now married, has two sons and works as a certified computer scientist at Ford.

Marlon was not the only child that we were able to help in the past couple of years. Thanks to the support of Cunina, children graduated as nurses, teachers, engineers, social workers and so on. Even different graduated teachers now have their own child sponsorship list.

We were able to help these children, who are now adults, break the vicious circle of poverty. They can now contribute to a better future for their family and others in their community.

In the past, Cunina had also realized a couple of amazing projects in the Philippines. For example, the organization built 60 homes for poor families in Diadi. After typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines in 2013, Cunina made an appeal to rebuild the houses of afflicted godchildren. The organization started a brand new project in 2014. The purpose of this project was to provide Cunina partner school with libraries.

Cunina projects in the Philippines

Cunina has been operating in the Philippines since 1992. Since then, a lot of projects have been realized, however we are only focusing on child sponsorships at the moment. We are currently considering which new projects we want to start.

Corporate Social Responsibility with Cunina

Cooperating with Cunina as a company or an organization has to be something enjoyable. We will do whatever we can to help you figure out how Cunina fits your organization. Show us that you are interested in helping to make the world a better place together with Cunina and we can sit down at the table for an informal talk.