The education challenge in Uganda

Primary education in Uganda is basically free. The classrooms are packed with children and there are not enough teachers. The reason for this is that government subsidies are very limited, so teachers get a very low salary. Besides, going to school does cost money: all students are obliged to wear a school uniform and they need school supplies. 

Cunina works together with two partner schools in Fort Portal and Mbarara.

Fact sheet of Uganda

  • Active since 2013
  • Active in 2 locations
  • 277 active child sponsorships
  • 312 individual godchildren in total
  • 2 completed projects
  • 1 ongoing project
  • €97,011 already spent

Cunina in Uganda

Haiti was the first partner country of Cunina, but Brazil, the Philippines, Nepal and South Africa quickly became partner countries too. Cunina operated in Congo from 1996 until 1998. We had to put our activities in this country on hold due to the constant political instability.

In 2013, Cunina returned to ‘black Africa’ and chose Uganda as their sixth partner country. Sophie, the founder of Cunina, was deeply touched by the stories of Els De Temmerman about the child soldiers in the north of Uganda. She decided to travel to the ‘Pearl of Africa’ to visit different schools and educational organizations. We selected two partner schools in the inland to cooperate with on child sponsorships and educational projects.

Uganda, as opposed to their neighboring country Congo, transformed immensely over the last ten years. At first, it was a country affected by war, but it is now a stable country with a growing economy. The Ugandan people want to progress and you can feel that. We are incredibly happy that we can give you some more information on this amazing country and show you our plans for the future.

Cunina projects in Uganda

Uganda is Cunina’s most recent partner country. The operation of Cunina in Uganda has grown spectacularly since the organization came to the country in 2013. For example, we have constructed a new dormitory for 250 boys and new sewing workshop.

Corporate Social Responsibility with Cunina

Cooperating with Cunina as a company or an organization has to be something enjoyable. We will do whatever we can to help you figure out how Cunina fits your organization. Show us that you are interested in helping to make the world a better place together with Cunina and we can sit down at the table for an informal talk.