• Sophie Vangheel

    Sophie Vangheel

    Founder & General Manager

  • Kathleen Op de Beeck

    Kathleen Op de Beeck

    Child sponsorships

  • Inge Bollen

    Inge Bollen

    Executive Assistant & Project Assistant

  • Lut Verheyen

    Bookkeeping & Accountancy

  • Jeroen Danckers

    Jeroen Danckers

    Communication & Marketing

  • Sonja Wouters

    Sonja Wouters

    Bookkeeping Assistant

  • Joy Fanthorpe

    Office worker

    The Cunina team in Belgium

    The Cunina House in Geel is home to a dedicated and motivated team of co-workers. Every day they dedicate themselves to making the world a better place, step by step. All these steps eventually lead to something that one can truly be proud of.

    The walls inside the house are filled with pictures and posters that show the different things that Cunina has achieved and realized. They are a source of inspiration to the co-workers of Cunina. By working together as a family, the Cunina staff are able to add that little extra.

    Each of our co-workers has their own skills. Thanks to this wide range of talents we are not only able to properly support our teams abroad, this way we can also remain visible in our own country.

    Do you have any questions for our team?

    Would you like to speak to one of our team members directly?
    Send us an email at info@cunina.org to the attention of one of our colleagues.
    You will receive a quick reply!


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