Nowadays, having an ambassador for your organization is something obvious. However, this was different back in 1990 when Cunina was just founded. A celebrity that used their name to let people know about a certain organization, was something totally new in Belgium.

Ambassadors in action

This changed when Sophie met Sabine De Vos. Sabine was not only convinced about the goal of Cunina, she also became close friends with Sophie. It did not take long for Sophie to ask Sabine if she wanted to become a Cunina ambassador.

Luc Appermont also became a Cunina ambassador, not long after the start of Sabine’s ambassadorship. They were both godparents of a Cunina godchild and they each decided to go on an inspiring trip to meet their godchild. Luc Appermont was accompanied by a camera crew on his trip and Sabine’s experience was published in the written press. This gave the Cunina child sponsorships a nice boost.

Support from the business world

Wouter Torfs became the third ambassador of Cunina. He is the CEO of Schoenen Torfs, which is a totally different profile than that of a Flemish celebrity. Wouter became the first ambassador from the business world and this way, Cunina started another trend.

Due to his persuasiveness and tireless effort during a lot of lectures, Wouter opened the doors to the business world for Cunina. This helped the organization start many educational projects to improve the quality of education in their partner countries.

The new generation of ambassadors

Our youngest member of the Cunina ambassador family is Nathalie Meskens, a very lively and enthusiastic woman. She is de embodiment of the new generation of ambassadors with a direct line to young people.

She also went on an emotional trip to meet her godchild and promoted Cunina during numerous TV moments. She was single-handedly responsible for the fact that Cunina child sponsorships increased to almost 3,000.

History of the ambassadors

°1993: Sabine De Vos

°2004: Luc Appermont

°2008: Nathalie Meskens

°2009: Wouter Torfs