Cunina wants to leave a lasting impression in the places where they are active. The goal of our projects is to help the local community become independent and self-reliant. As a partner, you are not just a sponsor but also the driving force behind the realization of the project.

Why has Cunina started this project?

At the educational center in Jandira in Sao Paulo, learning to read and write comes first and having fun comes second. This a very effective approach in the Brazilian favela. The street children first have to pay attention and do their assignments before they can go enjoy themselves by playing football, doing ballet or capoeira or other activities.

Cunina has been focusing on supporting the educational center in Jandira in São Paulo from the moment that the organization reduced the individual child sponsorships in Brazil due to the specific favela problems.

This the place for street children to get basic education and they are awarded for their presence with a place in the group. The street children can dance, do capoeira or play football at the football school of Fabricio, which is winning a lot of cups.

As from 2016, Cunina continues to support this approach and stimulates the football school and the ballet class of Ingrid. We also support 150 street children through collective child sponsorship and provide them with a daily healthy meal, which mostly is the only thing they eat all day.

Fact sheet of the educational center Casa Familia

Start of the project: 2014

Money already spent: €5,000

Number of students: 150

Result in June 2016:

  • Support of the football school
  • Support of the ballet class
  • Support of 150 street children through collective child sponsorship
  • Daily meals for 150 street children

Support our projects in Brazil

Deposit your contribution, big or small, into IBAN: BE29 2300 3660 2564 with BIC: GEBA BE BB and put ‘Donation Brazil’ as the message.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our project manager Sophie ( or 014/58 01 01)

I would like to ask a question about Brazil

Why does Cunina operate in Brazil?

Brazil is the only partner country where Cunina does not start new child sponsorships. Street children that live in the favelas come and go. Most of the time, they stay away from school for a period of time and nobody knows where they are at. This makes it very hard for Cunina to support the children in a structural way through child sponsorships. Since a couple of years, we are highly focusing on educational centers, which circumvent this problem. This also gave us room for collective child sponsorships.

Cunina has been working together with the Brazilian educational center Familia e Vida in Jandira, São Paulo, since 2001.

Cunina projects in Brazil

The way we organize our projects in Brazil is different from the way we organize them in our other partner countries. This is because we are not starting any new child sponsorships in Brazil. Since 2001, we have developed a strong cooperation with the educational center in Jandira.