Cunina wants to leave a lasting impression in the places where they are active. The goal of our projects is to help the local community become independent and self-reliant. As a partner, you are not just a sponsor but also the driving force behind the realization of the project.

What has Cunina done in the past?


  • Support of the student house Mamosa
  • Acquisition of didactical materials for the school in Cité Soleil
  • Collective child sponsorships in Delmas & Cité Saint Louis
  • Acquisition of the student house Cunina-Mamosa

Mombin Crochu

  • Start-up of an outpatient’s clinic
  • Medical assistance for a hospital: medication and dental care
  • Educational project: home economics
  • Acquisition of sewing machines
  • Acquisition of materials for the sewing school

La Sagesse, Mombin Crochu

  • Construction of a new school (8 classrooms)

Dieu Seul Maître, Mombin Crochu

  • Construction of a new school (8 classrooms)

Notre Dame, Mombin Crochu

  • Construction of a new school (8 classrooms)
  • Building of a stone wall around the school

Notre Dame, La Victoire

  • General renovations
  • Renovation of 8 roofs


  • Support of the student house of Father Jan Hoet
  • Support of a hospital: medication


We work together with the local community and use local materials to support the local economy, create jobs and provide even more children with education.

Cunina projects in Haiti

Cunina operates in a lot of places in Haiti. After the earthquake in 2010, we started focusing more on projects in the inland. Here you can read more about the other projects that we have realized in Haiti.