What has Cunina done in the past?

Emergency aid after the earthquake in 2015

  • New roofing sheets for 6,000 people
  • 8,000 filled backpacks (backpack with a rain poncho, a T-shirt, stationery and notebooks)
  • Repair of the Alpine Valley School in Kathmandu


  • Literacy course for mothers of Cunina godchildren
  • Collective child sponsorships


  • Furnishing and decoration of the kitchen in the Makalu Boarding School
  • Running of a hostel where Cunina godchildren stayed during the school year
  • Collective child sponsorships
  • Acquisition of didactic materials for Barun Campus
  • Construction of a library at the Barun Campus
  • Construction of a new hostel where 90 Cunina godchildren stay during the school year
  • Construction of a sewing workshop


Construction of the Cunina Boarding School that consists of: 

  • a primary school (8 classrooms)
  • a kindergarten (3 classrooms)
  • a multipurpose room for young children
  • a recreation hall
  • 2 sanitary blocks
  • a janitor’s office

The school also provides training for teachers.


Construction of the Arun Valley Boarding School that consists of:

  • a primary school (10 classrooms)
  • a kindergarten (3 classrooms)
  • a sanitary block


  • Training for nurses

Gairi Pangma

  • Construction and equipment of a health post


  • Installation of a water source with 18 km of water pipes

Cunina projects in Nepal

Cunina has been operating in Nepal since 1997 and particularly focuses on the development of the region situated on the mountainsides of the Makalu. We have already built two boarding schools, which we completely manage ourselves. Here you can read more about the other projects that we have realized in Nepal.