Cunina supported me in primary school all the way until university.

“I have to thank a lot of people. God, because it would not have been possible without him. Father Jan Hoet, because he accepted me as a Cunina godchild. My godparents who supported me all these years. And Cunina, of course, that created this laudable project! Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world where parents are barely able to send their children to school. A lot of children try going to school, but eventually drop out. I now help the Haitian population.

Access to education is easier in Haiti thanks to Cunina. My godparents provided me with the right school supplies and supported me financially in primary school all the way until university. I had everything I needed to go to school.

Meanwhile I graduated as an agricultural engineer at the University of Haiti. Nowadays, I am a project leader at the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development. As a son of Cunina, it is now my turn to help the Haitian population.

Many thanks to Cunina for all the support! I hope that Cunina can help more people so they can assist others in their turn.”

Charles Dieuseul

Becoming a Cunina godparent is a long-term commitment. You play an important role in the life of your godchild and you see them become a young adult with opportunities.