Lyzille grew up in the slums of Cebu and became an architect.

“I was twelve years old when I became a Cunina godchild. I was good at sciences and I loved to draw. But my cradle stood in the slums of Cebu, which are situated on top of a swamp, in a room of 18 square meters.

My dad worked as a laborer and earned the equivalent of €12 per month.

Our small house is supported by wooden posts and the walls are made of wire netting on one side and reed plaiting on the other. We have two small tables and a broken plastic chair that we stacked on top of each other at the door in the evening. Then the six of us had room to sleep side by side very close together.

Thanks to the support of Cunina I was able to study to become an architect. I was extremely proud when I could show Sophie my drawings of my dream house!”


Becoming a Cunina godparent is a long-term commitment. You play an important role in the life of your godchild and you see them become a young adult with opportunities.