Cunina wants to leave a lasting impression in the places where they are active. The goal of our projects is to help the local community become independent and self-reliant. As a partner, you are not just a sponsor but also the driving force behind the realization of the project.

What Cunina has done in the past?


  • Acquisition of a large pot that mama Aurelia can use on a daily basis to make soup for over 100 orphans
  • Construction of 5 family homes for AIDS orphans
  • Construction of the skill center (sewing and woodworking workshop) in Muntuyedwa School


  • Start-up of the computer class and sewing workshop in the Reichenau Mission


We work together with the local community and use local materials to support the local economy, create jobs and provide even more children with education.

Cunina projects in South Africa

Cunina has been operating in South Africa since 2002 and started projects in two locations: Eshowe and Underberg. Next to continuing the development of education, Cunina has also built a skill center and family homes for orphans.