Cunina wants to leave a lasting impression in the places where they are active. The goal of our projects is to help the local community become independent and self-reliant. As a partner, you are not just a sponsor but also the driving force behind the realization of the project.

Why has Cunina started this project?

We support the school through our Cunina child sponsorships. The school in Underberg, which once had 19 children, is now a primary school with 187 children.

In 2009, the Reichenau Mission in Underberg consisted of two old classrooms, which were used by two teachers to teach students from different grades. The students had to walk for half an hour to an hour to reach the school. The children come from a bad home situation, do not wear shoes and do not get a warm meal at home, let alone school supplies. 

In 2012, Cunina provided a computer and sewing class in the Reichenau Mission with the right equipment. This way, the children can learn IT and practical skills. Even though they almost live in the center of the South African inland, they need these skills, because computers are becoming more and more important and they increase the chance of getting a job. The skills that the children learn in the sewing class are equally important and they will be able to use them for the rest of their lives.

We work together with the local community and use local materials to support the local economy, create jobs and provide even more children with education.

Fact sheet of the Reichenau Mission

Start of the project: 2011

Money already spent: €57,120

Result in June 2016:

  • Acquisition of 144 tracksuits that serve as uniforms
  • Acquisition of 7 sewing machines
  • Laying of a new floor in the sewing class
  • Acquisition of sewing materials

This project has been completed.

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Why does Cunina operate in South Africa?

Access to quality education is not guaranteed for children in poor rural regions and the teachers are often low-skilled. Every year, thousands of teachers die from AIDS. More and more children lose their parents to AIDS and from then on they are on their own. Education is the last thing on their mind.

Cunina operates in Eshowe and Underberg.

Cunina projects in South Africa

Cunina has been operating in South Africa since 2002 and started projects in two locations: Eshowe and Underberg. Next to continuing the development of education, Cunina has also built a skill center and family homes for orphans.