During television recordings, Sabine De Vos managed to convince Nathalie in her own warm way. That same evening, Nathalie became a Cunina godparent.

“During my trip through South-East Asia, I was determined that I wanted to help people and children that live in poverty. I just did not really know how. When I got home, I found a letter from Cunina. They asked me if I wanted to become an ambassador…

Nathalie visits her Cunina godchild in the Philippines

Telefacts, a Belgian news program, travelled with Nathalie to the Philippines for a unique meeting with Dionalyn, her Cunina godchild. Thanks to the support of Nathalie and Cunina, Dionalyn was able to make her dream come true: graduating secondary school and studying to become a teacher. And that is quite the achievement, especially if you know that Dionalyn lives Cebu, one of the regions that was hit the hardest by typhoon Haiyan.

It is an honor to me: I get to call myself the ambassador of an organization that I fully support. The projects that Cunina realizes and the children that they are able to send to school… You will not believe all the things that Cunina has achieved and what they still achieve every day. The Cunina team is extremely dedicated! Everyone has to know what happens at the Cunina House. I want to shout it from the rooftops: learn more about Cunina and you will automatically be convinced to contribute to their organization!

As an ambassador, it is my personal mission to convince everyone I know to become a Cunina godparent. My sweet parents-in-law were my first new Cunina godparents. I will always keep looking for new godparents and I will not rest before I have convinced everyone!

It only took Sophie one afternoon to inspire me and convince me to live my life in a different way. I hope that I am able to inspire others, like she inspired me."

 – Nathalie Meskens