Wouter, as the CEO of Schoenen Torfs, a Belgian shoe store chain, and Cunina ambassador, concentrates on civil and economic society.

“I accepted the ambassadorship of Cunina with pride and enthusiasm! Schoenen Torfs and Cunina have been working together intensively and for many years. This way I got to know Cunina as an organization that has their heart in the right place.

Cunina resolutely chooses education in the South as the leverage for growth and change. As an entrepreneur, I learnt that you can only reach success by establishing the right priorities.

I like the personal approach of Cunina very much. This guarantees transparency towards ‘customers’ (godparents) and stimulates the organization to be efficient. Of course, I was also charmed by the warm, familial, pragmatic and no-nonsense approach of Sophie and her team.

I think that a lot of entrepreneurs support charity, but in a quiet way. This is nice, but I believe that we, as entrepreneurs, are able to support charity in a more active way. I want to contribute as a CEO, because it is one of my personal goals and one of the goals of the “People, Planet, Profit’-mission of Schoenen Torfs. As an ambassador, I want to support Cunina and let people know about their goals and realizations. 

I am not an engineer or a doctor, so I cannot really help in the South. But I earn a good living and I am good at explaining things. That is why I am happy to be an ambassador.

I understand the scope of this commitment but I dedicate myself with enthusiasm and passion.”

 – Wouter Torfs