Sabine has been a Cunina ambassador since the very beginning. She was also the godparent of the first Cunina godchild: Marlon Parong from the Philippines.

“In the meantime, Marlon is married and the father of a son. He was able to study Computer Sciences thanks to my support and the support of Cunina. He works at Ford, a chance he would never have gotten without our help.

I have been supporting Bhuwan in Nepal since 2004.

He lost his parents to aids and is now able to go to school thanks to the Cunina Hostel in Khandbari where he will live until the end of his education."

I watched Cunina grow, people becoming convinced and wanting to tell others about the beautiful work of Cunina. Every smile of a child and every encouragement stimulates us to keep on doing what we do, so that more people get in touch with Cunina. This way we can help even more children and for that, they will be very grateful to you.

 – Sabine De Vos