“Cunina has a huge impact on the lives of children and their families. There are approximately 500 Cunina godchildren in more than 30 schools in the region of Cebu in the Philippines. The education they get is an important contribution to their development.”

Cunina has made a difference in the lives of many families. Graduates have become leaders in their parishes and barangays. They now have the financial means to improve the living conditions of their families.

This big impact is the result of all the possibilities and guidance of a lot of people: parents, schools and the personnel of Cunina. The provision of education is possible thanks to the dedication and commitment of Sophie, her daughter Kathleen and the whole Cunina team together with the local responsible person in Cebu. 

The generosity of Belgian people is extremely touching. It is nice to see that they want to help young people in countries where the majority of the population does not even have access to the basic needs in life, achieve their dream. Thanks to the opportunities they get as Cunina godchildren, they have been able to become teachers, nurses, midwives, accountants, engineers and so much more.

Sister Teresita, Sister Clarisse & Ms. Armi

Becoming a Cunina godparent is a long-term commitment. You play an important role in the life of your godchild and you see them become a young adult with opportunities.