“Cunina helps a lot of young people in Haiti, especially in the field of education. I was a Cunina godchild myself.”

When I was eleven years old, I got in touch with Cunina through Father Jan Hoet. My mother, Mélanie, worked for him in Mombin Crochu. He completed my child sponsorship file so that I could become a Cunina godchild and be able to continue my education. 

From then on, I received the support of Cunina thanks to Marc Vanhauter, the godparent who changed my life: I graduated primary school in my place of birth. I completed secondary school and university in Port-au-Prince. I eventually got my diploma of Administrative Sciences.

After my studies, I had my first work experience with a FAO (Food & Agriculture Organization) in the North-East of Haiti. Then Sophie asked me if I would like to work for Cunina. I am currently the assistant of the regional coordinator of Cunina in Port-au-Prince. Thanks to Cunina, I make a living in a worthy way.

Cunina still is a ray of hope for a lot of young Haitians.

Becoming a Cunina godparent is a long-term commitment. You play an important role in the life of your godchild and you see them become a young adult with opportunities.