We played with the children and had a game of football with them.

Cepa, a reception center for neighborhood children, is situated in the Bela Vista favela in Brazil. Behind a large wall, there was a small playground, a small vegetable and botanical garden, a football field, a building with classrooms, a dining room, showers… And the children… They were very excited about our arrival! They surprised us with performances: a musical, a recorder concert and a short play. We had a game of football together, played some games, did some rope-skipping… We also visited their schools and their homes.

We drove ten hours at night to get to Januaria. This where Antiono lives, one of the children that was taken care of in Small David, a reception center for undernourished children, a couple of years ago. Antonio’s father raised his children all by himself. Antonio was three months old and undernourished when his mother left the family. Antonio quickly recovered in Small David. Meanwhile, he is a shy but strong young man.

After that, we flew back to Sao Paulo where we visited a reception center for poor children in the neighborhood of Jandira. The children have the opportunity to take part in different trainings: from computer training to hairdressing training. This was by far the worst and poorest favela we have visited.

A very informative and intense immersion trip that we will never forget!

Becoming a Cunina godparent is a long-term commitment. You play an important role in the life of your godchild and you see them become a young adult with opportunities. 

Testimonies of godparents

Becoming a godparent is not something you do every day. Thankfully you are not on your own. Since the foundation of Cunina, over 13.000 children have been sponsored. Here you can read the experiences of different godparents and their opinion on child sponsorship.